Stowell Life Coaching LLC


The best thing about Stowell Life Coaching is the initiatives they helped me to set and follow through on, to achieve God given goals I discovered along the way. - Ed, Grand Rapids, MI

My coaching relationship become a trusted friendship that helped me to work through huge obstacles. I really appreciated the confidentiality. -Erik, Plano, Texas

God Bless you Mike, I would like to personally thank you for your prayers and presence as our coach. Your ability to give insight and perspective on church planting has definitely benefited our ministry in a positive way. The Agape House is a ministry that is in the process of experiencing wonderful growth and you have contributed to that growth Mike. There were ministry areas prior to launch that my wife and I had overlooked as we were in the preliminary stages of planning and preparing our core team. However, your reflection questions helped us challenge our ministry team to step up to the plate. Thank you again for your time and energy and our prayer is that God continues to bless all the work that you do for the Kingdom. Yours in Christ, Calbert, N. Plainfield NJ







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