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Stowell Life Coaching is Personal Development Coaching .  My role as your coach is to guide you in designing an action plan to close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.  This Life Coaching will help you if you are struggling through decisions to make your organization successful, going through a career transition, finding your mission in life, making a significant life change and determining where you fit, or trying to figure out why you are not energized and feeling out of balance.  This is a proven process that has helped many people achieve not just success, but attain true significance.

Life Coaching can be for three months to up to twelve months.  It is designed for each individual depending on your specific situation and lets you choose where you want to focus, what you want to achieve, and where you want to arrive at.  We offer this in person or through Skype.

What really sets us apart in our coaching is that while you are being coached, you are being taught to become a coach to those you lead; in your family, workplace, church or community. 


My name is Mike Stowell and I am the owner of Stowell Life Coaching.  I am a certified Life Coach with over twenty years leadership experience in ministry as a Lead Pastor, Church Planter and Life Coach.  I love to teach, train and coach people.  Currently I am the Vice President of Adult and Online Studies at Grace Bible College.  I also teach in the Professional and Graduate Studies Program at Cornerstone University.  I teach Ministry Leadership courses, Bible and Business in the MBA, and Bachelor degree programs.  I have a passion for coaching others to become what God would have them to be, to accomplish their goals and dreams.  I hope that you contact me and we can develop a coaching plan to help you reach your personal goals.  Your first consultation session is free so don't wait any longer, get a personal Life Coach.





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